5 pro athletes who have publicly said they are not gay
News At Outsports, we have run hundreds of coming out stories of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in sports. There have also been five prominent professional athletes over time who have felt compelled to publicly state they are not gay.

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Thousands of people are protesting marriage equality in Paris, and we're so disappointed
News Recently, the group “Demo for All” led nearly 24,000 people to oppose marriage equality in Paris.
According to NBC News, Paris legalized same-sex marriage, known as “Marriage for All,” three years ago. These protesters wanted to encourage this step in the right direction to actually move backwards.
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News Iraqi forces are planning an assault to retake the ISIS stronghold of Mosul.
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News Did you catch the series premier of the new HBO series High Maintenance?If not, you may want to consider checking out Colby Keller...
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News Thousands of Serbian Riot Police Cordon Off Gay Pride March
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News Texas became the latest state in which a federal judge struck down a ban on same-sex marriage.
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News Top-level US college sport is pulling out of North Carolina over the state's law requiring people to use the bathroom of their bir...
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News Click here to read our article on “We're not a hookup app for sex and brojobs. The other apps just make me sad.” by Bruno Russ...
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News A Russia-born performance artist says his relationship with sex has been changed forever, after having sex with a different man fo...
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News The gun control advocacy group is going after the National Rifle Association. 
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News A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that many male college students who exhibit anti-gay attitudes sh...
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News A recent study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that many male college students who exhibit anti-gay attitudes sh...
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News Daily dosing of PrEP can reduce substantial risk for HIV infection
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News The Tanzanian government has banned imports and sales of sexual lubricants in its latest move targeting the gay community, officia...
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News Nickelodeon is making history by introducing a same-sex married couple in one of its cartoons for the first time.The couple will a...
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News With the groundbreaking gay-centric HBO series ending, its star (and ‘Hamilton’ scene-stealer) tells the Beast how it helped h...
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News Mixed messages on homosexuality sent by Omar Mateen's native culture in Afghanistan may have added to the stress, confusion and an...
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News For years, the U.S. has been a haven for LGBT people around the world. But post-Orlando, some in the international LGBT community ...